Step 2- Purging & Packing

Considering a move in your future?  It’s not a simple task. Especially if you have lived for a while in your home/apartment.  We all tend to gather stuff.  Tons of stuff.  Mostly stuff we don’t use, or we plan on using at some point.  This is the stuff you need to purge.  the general rule is if you haven’t used the item in last two years get rid of it.  I have a different perspective.  Some things like cherished family items, you may have in storage and don’t have on display or a use for, you can’t just trash it can you?  For example my Mom was a member of many clubs, women’s clubs, horse clubs, garden clubs, etc.  She had awards and pins from many of these clubs.  I condensed all the pins and ribbons, photos into a 12 x 18 collage on a piece of wood.  Boom.  All in one place.  Albeit, still in storage, but now only taking up a small place instead of 3 separate bins.  Anyway, on to packing and purging.  Purging is the first step of step 2- and not for the light of heart.  Be ready to spend HOURS going through all of your stuff.

Here’s how I did it.  I started out a YEAR before my actual planned date of moving.  I picked a date a year in the future that I knew I wanted to be gone by, I chose October 1, 2017.  (you will note this later changed due to circumstances ) you must however be flexible, unless of course you can secure a job where you’re going ahead of time.  Unfortunately, jobs that I was looking for didn’t care to offer relocation, or even offer interview.  Back to task at hand.  I started with my “extra room”, guest room if you will, only things in there were a bed, and my clothes in closet, some plants and books on shelf.  Started with clothes in closet.  Set aside maybe two or three things I thought I may use in new life, gave away most of everything else and tried to sell a few fancy dresses on eBay.  No one wanted to buy them, so set them aside in my garage sale pile.  Oh I guess I should have mentioned that earlier.  I had piles for each room.  Pile to throw away, pile for goodwill, pile to sell in garage sale and pile to keep.  I started with the easiest room.

Then I went room to room purging first.  Giving away stuff to my family and friends, throughout the entire year.  As time got closer to moving ( now changed to May 2018) when I was offered a home to stay in, in place I wanted to move too, obviously changed my date. The whole time as seasons changed, I would purge my clothes, boots (my beloved boots) and winter coats.  Around January when I was taking down the Christmas tree, I packed away my antique ornaments, and favorite new ornaments.  I kept two trunks full, and gave away the rest to my daughter.  In April I got a storage unit near where I lived and started packing items I wouldn’t need until I got my new place in Florida.  I also listed my house for sale in April, and the packing and purging really helped “stage” my home, less clutter.  By the time I left on May 12, there was only a few items left in the house, which my daughter will be taking by time house has new owner.  House sold in July, and waiting for closing.

I will send for my belongings which sadly fit into a 5′ x 5′ storage unit.  My whole life is in those containers.  But do you know what?  I don’t miss anything.  How is that even possible?  I’m staying in a furnished home and all my stuff is 1400 miles away, and I don’t need it.  I also did mega research and found that using a Uhaul is just as much money as having a moving company do it for me without the headache or backache involved. When I’m ready, I just call and within a week or two my stuff will be delivered and placed in my new home.  I will be purchasing a few new things, like a bed and couch, but I’m looking forward to that!  Out with the old, in with the new.

Hopefully, my experience can help someone out there, I know I was probably a pest asking advice from my friends who moved far away before I did but I truly took their advice, did my own research and planned my work and worked my plan.  You can do it too.

Peace out.



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