Bustin A Move

No one said it was going to be easy.  In fact most people said “you’re crazy, you can’t do it, why would you do it?, it’s impossible” and so on and on.  What exactly were they talking about?  Moving.  Not just moving, but moving 1400 miles away, with only an idea of what to do once I got there (here).

I can tell you that planning is your friend.  I have been planning this move for over a year, I had thought it would have happened sooner, but now looking back that would have been almost impossible.  I wanted to be away from the snow of upstate New York, that was my main reason to move.  If I could have afforded two homes I would have preferred to do that, but I couldn’t so here I am.

My next few blog posts will be about how I planned and executed my move, in case some of you would like to heed my advice.  I asked MANY people who moved, or lived in Florida or moved somewhere for their best advice, their best advice I got was to visit the area, not just to do some internet research, and not to go on vacation, but to actually visit the area you may consider living near.  As I said I have had this dream for years, so much so that for the past 6 or 7 years I have visited different areas of Florida- the east coast, central and then the west coast.  Some areas I disqualified immediately for different reasons, traffic, location, location and location.  One person I spoke with told me that she first “googled” the area by seeing what was nearby that she couldn’t live without…..for her it was a safe neighborhood, Starbucks, and Disney.  That got me thinking what do I really need and want to live near?  What businesses do I frequent that I want to be close too?  For me safety is #1 and should be for most of us- especially single women.  Next, I loved the beaches on the west coast, the turquoise blue water and white sandy beaches of the Gulf of Mexico are exactly what brought me here, so I wanted to be no farther than 20 miles from the beach.  I also want to be near an art district and cool restaurants and shops- but also close to grocery stores, and nature trails.  These were all important to me, you should write down what’s important to you.

I’m not going to lie, this research is very time consuming but if you really have a dream what is time?  Sit down write your dream living list, and start your internet research, that’s Step 1. I think that’s good for now.  Step 2- Packing and Purging coming soon.!

Peace out.


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