Florida style baby….


So it’s been one month since I made the BIG move of my life.  I packed up and moved 1400 to southwest Florida.  Or as the locals call it – PARADISE.   The move just didn’t happen overnight.  I have seriously been dreaming and planning for about a year, selling things I no longer wanted to carry over into my next chapter.  One friend who I asked advice from said “do you love it?” if not leave it.  It’s a long process getting rid of stuff you have had for decades.  You find things you didn’t know were even missing.  My son drove the 1400 miles with me along with my treasured companion, my bulldog mix Chloe.  We drove 23 hours straight, with some pit stops for Chloe and of course us too,  at 12:30pm I pulled over I told my son I had to sleep for a couple hours.  My son said “aren’t we almost to Florida” (are we there yet?) I said “I have no idea but I just can’t go any further.”  My son who is 28 years old was tired as well- it’s not easy staying up for 24 hours, let alone drive that long.

We pulled over in a rest area, there were palm trees so that was a good sign. My son and I slept while Chloe stood guard over us, I woke up as it’s not very comfortable in a small SUV and saw that Chloe who had slept 98% of the trip was wide awake- sitting up and alert checking for any strangers that may approach.  I went back to sleep which seemed like an eternity only to be woken up by my son shaking me saying “let’s just go” when we checked the time, we had only slept 20 minutes.!  My son put the pedal to the metal and we were off!  We were on the road maybe 5 minutes and we saw the WELCOME TO FLORIDA sign!  yes we were happy but we still had hundreds of miles to go.  We arrived at 6 am to my new temporary home in the Port Charlotte area.  One month, 1400 miles and I’m so happy.  Home Sweet Home.


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