Plan B- Revisited, Again

So here I go again, on my own…… yes words to a song, but the story of my life.  Not sure if what I had in my mind years ago when I named the website Plan B would be a story of my life instead of a blog about my art business.

It’s been quite a while since I last posted, and won’t bore you with all the details, but I had started one of those paint party businesses, you know where you drink wine and paint on a canvas or glass?  That was going very well for me and I hope to continue.  But the BIG news is I up and left upstate New York for sunny Florida.  I know many of you will be thinking why would you move to Florida in the summer?  Well, I decided about a year ago I was going to make the move, and since I plan on living here full time what difference does it make when I move?  And the biggest factor is that I am renting my friends home for a few months until I figure out where I’m going to settle.

My son drove 1400 miles with me, and stayed with me for a week, I have now been here an entire week all by myself (and my dog Chloe) and I am LOVING every single minute of it.  Of course I arrived same time sub-tropical storm Alberto did, and have had much rain, but that is not dampering my spirits at all.  I have used the time to get some painting done and snuck in a few trips to the local beaches.  Gasparilla Island State Park beach is one of the reasons I moved here after visiting last year.  It’s paradise. White sandy beaches, turquoise water on the Gulf of Mexico!!!!

So if you’d like stayed tuned to my story and adventures, I promise it won’t be years for my next post!  Later.




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