Hi Everyone!


As today is a really cool dreary day here in Upstate New York, I feel like I need some color in my life.

Anyway, my Mother told me on rainy days you should always try to wear yellow.  It will brighten someones day.  This really works I’ve done it and always get compliments. Since yellow stimulates the nervous system, activates the mind as encourages communication (maybe that’s why I get compliments?)

Speaking of colors did you know that certain colors actually stimulate the senses?  (think red- fast food) while colors like blue…do the opposite?

Color is light.  Light is energy.  Scientist have found that actual physicological changes take place in humans when they are exposed to certain colors.  Some stimulate, excite, depress, tranquilize, increase appetite and create feelings of warmth or coolness.  This is known as Chromodynamics.

Blue.  calming.  It would be a great color for bedrooms.  But certain blues can be cold and depressing.  Blue creates a reflective (think water) intellectual atmosphere. It has been shown to lower your heart rate and slow you down.  Not a useful color in a gym!  But blue is also know to stimulate intuition.  Great for classrooms.

Green- most favorite color of many people.  Nature, calming.  It just is.  Green is shown to relieve depression, anxiety and nervousness.  Sounds calming doesn’t it?

Orange- Energy boosting, raises blood pressure and stimulates appetite.

Red- passionate, forward, agressive. shows actions and confidence.

And purple, my favorite.  Purple encourages creativity it’s uplifting and spiritual.  Nice office color.

White- new starts, fresh beginings and sterile.

Although a rainbow of colors is out there for the world to use and enjoy the way they are used is important for one’s mind and body.


So go out there and enjoy your day, no matter what color you feel.  🙂

Plan B- a lifestyle.


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