One Day at a Time

Ok so it’s been a while since I posted.  I’ve been really busy trying to get organized and ready to open my shop.  No, still not open!  Hopefully will be ready this weekend.  As one of my girlfriends always says “Life just got in the way”.

It’s not like I haven’t been doing anything.  In fact, it’s just the opposite.  I feel like I’ve been running in circles and getting no where.  Fast.   I’ve been cleaning out my “stuff” that I have been saving to sell or to fix or to do something with.

Memorial Day weekend was a blowout.  My kids and grandson came over and of course I did all the festivities.  Grilled out for 3 days.   Didn’t do much to help out my diet, but I’ve been getting a lot of exercise and becoming quite adept at Bocci.

Ok so back to my work.  I had this old bowling ball for years that was bluish green swirls, I had placed it on top of an old statue I had and never moved it for 3 years or so…threw rain, snow, sun etc.  So it developed a large crack acrossed it.  I bought some silver metallic spray paint and spray the entire ball.  Looked good but still didn’t like the crack.  I got some small round mirrors and glued them to the ball.  Now I have some bling in the garden, and when the sun shines on the ball it really makes some nice reflections.

Repurposed bowling ball – add a little bling to your garden!


so after I was feeling so creative and had little time to actually BE creative I figured do it.  Just do it.  so next I made a concrete planter.  I got a silver mixing bowl (cheap at garage sale) 25 cents I think?  then found a smaller plastic bowl that would fit in nicely in bigger bowl. like nesting.  I placed a large sheet of bubble wrap in bigger bowl.  Then I mixed up some concrete (ready mix) and play sand- about 12 cups of each, then I added about 8 cups of water so the consistancy was like cottage cheese.  I patted down the mixture in bottom of large bowl and slowly up the sides (like sand in a pail) then placed smaller bowl in larger bowl and added cement mixture.

After I got all around bowl, you must cover for 24 hours with plastic.  24 hours later opened it up and slipped out concrete of bowl.  It looked great!! and so simple and CHEAP.  Planning on fine tuning the process and making MANY more in any shape and size.  This would cost $40 to $50 at a shop but it literally cost me less than $5 to make.I really really like the way it turned out and you can do the same with or without the bubble wrap.

Will be back soon with more stuff to show you and hopefully you can try out if you want.

Been raining for days here in Upstate New York with more to come.  So Im just going to keep busy 🙂


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