Mother’s Day wipeout.

yeeeeeeeez!  I don’t know about you, but yesterday (Mother’s Day) seemed like Christmas to me.  Not only did my wonderful children and grandson get me many great gifts, it was like a marathon.

First thing in the morning, my boyfriend gets up to go to a brunch with his family for his Mom.  I was planning on going, but  he offered since it’s your day do what you want.  So?? I decided to sleep in a bit.  Ended up being a very little bit, but was still nice not to have to rush out.  The weather up here in the great Northeast has been crappy for the last two weeks.  Gray and rain.  But Mother’s day the sky opened up and let the sun shine through!  Gorgeous sunny day in the 80’s.  My kind of weather.

So my kids (in thier twenties) were over for a BBQ.  Which I had to clean, cook, grill, make cocktails (strawberry margaritas), entertain, (played bocci) and then clean up.  Happy Mother’s Day.

My girlfriend text me and she said she was being crafty all day.  Anyway it’s over and Im relieved.

I’ve also been on a quasi-diet.  Watching what I eat, but I still like my wine with dinner, and trying to exercise.  I had been doing well until Mother’s Day/Christmas.  I feel like I gained 5 pounds in ONE DAY.

So back to diet.  Im basically following Atkins.  I did this about 6 years ago, while I was getting a divorce and lost about 45 pounds over 5 months?  I am 5’8″ tall and was up to 180? maybe ? don’t like looking a  scale, I go by clothes size so I was up to size 14.  Got down after doing Atkins for 2 weeks, lost 15 pounds.  Which really got me motivated.  Ended at a size 7.  Did tons of walking and pilates.  Met my boyfriend who is 6’4″ and we started going out to dinner.  A lot.

6 years later. Im at a size 12, though after yesterday I feel like Im a size 14.  One thing I have found to get rid of bloating is lemon/ginger water.  I fill a glass  10 oz. with spring water, squeeze a half a lemon, and then add fresh ginger.  I eat the ginger (helps digestion) and the lemon water actually cleanses  and detoxes your insides.  all good.

OK so today it’s pouring rain AGAIN.  Ive cleaned out the entire refrigerator, and have done piles of my son’s laundry.  (home from college), I’ve moved all my inside plants outside, and they are just soaking up the rain.

Also cleaning out my kitchen, I have tons of ‘THINGS” i just don’t ever use.  They’ve got to go, feels good to start a clean slate and not all cluttered.  I am going to be putting in a cork floor, from Lumber Liquidators.  It’s green, it’s natural, and easy to keep clean.  should be installed within next 10 days.  I’ll keep ya posted on that.

Last but not least, starting on not one but THREE accent tables.  Completely different styles.  Picked them up at estate sale.  I have to stare at things before i decide how Im going to re-do them.

Until we meet again.

PLAN B- lifestyle


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