Builders NY show, new products and some other stuff

repurposed telephone tableWell it’s been so crazy busy hectic the last ten days or so!  Yeez.  Last Wednesday and Thursday I attended the Builder’s NY Show in the big city.  NYC of course!

So instead of heading to the show on Wednesday just hung around at the hotel and went to dinner.  Now let me tell you Im not much of a city person, but had a great time.   Of course it helps that my boyfriend was there for his company and we ended up at the Waldorf Astoria!!!  So, now Im spoiled.  How can I ever go back to Holiday Inn?

OK, on with my story.  Thursday I get to the show and walk around, there is about 300 vendors maybe?  Some cool stuff, some REALLY boring.  There were some really interesting ideas.  Like an urban windmill for apartment buildings, gardening for food on rooftops and solar energy and my fav- stainless steel wallpaper and tiles.  Now, I’ve seen the tiles before, but these are a bit different.  I will try to have them available on my site soon!  The wallpaper although really lends itself more for commercial application, is very stunning.

Left the show, one of the last to leave, and hoped on train back home.  Had some time to relax on train and read my ereader (SONY).  Been reading 50 SHADES OF GREY by E.L, James..  My girlfriend recommended the book, thought it was a self-help book when I ordered it, but WOWZA.  It’s not.  Just sayin.

Other than that just reminding you all it’s tick season here up in the Northeast and they are back with a vengence…..took a walk on the bike path and found two of those creepy things.  Need to get on the stick with those drops.

Got to get started with dinner.  In March, I planted all my “greens” spinach, lettuce, mesculin, mustard greens and snow pea pods.  The fruits of my labor are ready!  Making some Lemon garlic chicken on the grill, putting it on freshly picked mustard greens, topping with some monterey jack cheese, avacado and cranraisins.  Little olive oil all ya need.

One more thing and I’ll let ya go.  Please check out my Etsy site . My site is Gail Talmadge Designs.  Wouldn’t let me change to PLAN B.  Waaaaa.  If you never heard of Etsy, it’s like ebay only more art stuff.



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