It’s a new day!!

Hi All!

First I guess I should introduce myself.  My name is Gail.  I am an EARLY 50ish woman with two grown children and a grandchild.  I live in a teeny town in Upstate New York. I’ve been divorced for 6 wonderful years.

I have had hundreds of jobs (not a stretch) no career.  I never went to college, or should I say I never finished. Totally should have listened to my Mother on that one.  So to make a long story short, that is how I got to PLAN B.

I, like thousands of others lost my job in 2008.  I had a job which I loved as a real estate locator. Basically I drove around NYS, listened to music and talked on phone.  Yes, I took pics of property and had to do tons of reports but i LOVED that job.

Years go by, I had crappy jobs here and there.  All the time since 1990’s I had been painting furniture and accessories in my own style.  As time went by people started buying my stuff. After the divorce,  i bought a home that has a large building on property that was once an antique shop.  I planted a garden, I met a guy, and never could find another job.

My friend told me sometimes God whispers and sometimes God yells.  He was telling me to open my shop and sell my stuff!!  Well Im not too religious so it took me another four years to actually do it.

Im almost finished with the interior of the shop and will be opening PLAN B within the month.  I have some great local artist that will be bringing in their stuff to sell too.

PLAN B is an electic shop with art, antiques, design, gardening, home life, food, healthy recipes, everything for your home.  Think of Martha Stewart.  That’s not quite it.  It’s me.



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